Dimension Softwood Lumber

We stock millions of board feet of KD-HT
Dimension Softwood  including:
Spruce, Pine, Fir (SPF), Douglas Fir (DF), and
Southern Yellow Pine (SYP).

Dimension stock is available in the following
Stud, Standard/#2, Utility/#3,
and Economy/#4

Lengths Available Include:
2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10 in 6-20’
1x4 & 1x6 S4S in 6-16’  standard and custom
1x4 & 1x6  Resawn S3S in 4-16’ standard
and custom cut.

Paper Wrapped, KD/HT certified & stamped lumber
precut to your specification is also available.

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